Moments of clarity

An art project in which I explore, clarify and illustrate the consequence of the fact that we only perceive a fraction of (the unwritten) rules we have around us. Perceive everything going on, what we are going through.

Time affects our way of seeing - of interpreting - of living our lives.
We only perceive a fraction of what is going on around us and time is a crucial part in our ability to see connections in reality.
Time provides perspective. What we see and do not see has consequences.

See, interpret, live.
A movement (process) that doesnt stop before we die.
(What happens to time and space then is a completely different story)
The tactile time.

Transmission of events between different senses with code as stimuli.
Our society is full of unwritten rules that we have to deal with.
A project to visualize a part of our perception.
To rediscover the gaze and become more aware of life.
The artwork should bring a sense of calm and thoughtfulness to the audience.

Five round discs rotate slowly around its own center.
The rotation time varies between 30 and 120 seconds. Each disc is decorated with a dash in great contrast to the background.
The embroidery has its origin in a small village in Angermanland that has give its name to the he seam - Anundsjo.
As the rotation time is different, the patterns of the discs will meet at regular intervals, the lines will then merge and create a pattern (code) that the viewer perceives as a long stroke. This code, in turn, initiates a different course of events.

Next step in the project:
A slide projector placed next to the discs.
At each of these pattern meeting, a new slide image is fed out of the magazine.
The tactile time.

The images shown are a fragment of my finite life.

Example of pictures on the slide projector:
_TEXT: I only perceive a fraction
_FOTO: my parents weddingparty
_TEXT: I can manage some unknown rules.
_FOTO: my sisters on christmas
_TEXT: Time is a crucial part.
_FOTO: me as a child
_TEXT: I am on my own.

From the discs hang sewing thread tangled on the floor. Red wool yarn from the embroidery of Anundsjo.

The (three) rotating discs are placed on a wall.
One Arduino control three stepmotors, each motor is connected to one of these discs.
The discs start its rotation at the same time.
Disc1 stop after one lap. Disc2 has a faster rotation and stops after two laps. The last disc to stop is number three.
At the stop a pattern emerge, a new image will be presented from the projector.
After 4000 ms the rotation starts again.
To be continued.

Link to code